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Skin ageing is complex biological process which is affected by many internal & external factors. The internal factors include genetics, hormone and metabolic processes and external factors involved are chronic light exposure, pollution, ionizing radiation, chemicals and toxins. All these things combine leading to mottled skin pigmentation, deep wrinkles, laxity, dullness and roughness.

Anti- ageing deals with retaining a youthful appearance to improve quality of life. A youthful appearance resulting from anti- ageing treatments imparts greater physical attractiveness that can have greater psychosocial benefits including personal image, health and even longevity of life.

Different procedures are combined in customized manner to achieve the desired effect.

The following are some of the popular modalities in treating an aging face :

  • Fillers / soft tissue augmentation
  • Botulinum toxin (commonly known as BOTOX)
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microneedle RF
  • Laser peeling

  • Fillers / soft tissue augmentation

    Most commonly used fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is essentially a natural substance, found in Dermis (our second layer of skin). It is gradually depleted with age, which when replenished via these fillers, augments the lax skin and thus enhances the facial features

    Following are some of the indications of fillers on face:

  • Depressed scars (post trauma, acne or any other disease)
  • Wrinkles and folds
  • Lip augmentation
  • Enhancement of facial contour etc.

  • Advantages of fillers are:

  • The current fillers are ready to use
  • Practically no down time
  • Can be reversed immediately (if need be)
  • Safe (when used In the hands of a trained doctor)
  • Effects lasts around 1- 2 years
  • Immediate results

  • Botulinum toxin

    Botulinum toxin is very safe and effective treatment for treating fine lines and wrinkles. Its cheap and cost effective procedures, the results are achieved as early as 3 days post treatment


  • No down time
  • Results as early as in 3 days
  • Visible enhancement to the face
  • Can be customized as per one's needs
  • Can be safely done at periodic intervals for long lasting results
  • Not habbit forming i.e. can be discontinues at any time

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    A proper discussion with your doctor about most bothering facial features, modality of treatment available and expected results helps in formulating customized treatment plan & restores youthful appearance at affordable cost.

    Chemical peeling & microneedle rf are described under separate subsections under "Cosmetology".