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Skin Care Tips For Monsoons

Here are some tips that will help you to take care of your skin during the monsoons season.

1. Avoid skin infections

humid weather in the rainy season provides fertile environment for various fungal & bacterial infections of skin. It can be avoided by

  • A good bath at home after getting drenched in rain water goes a long way in preventing a great deal of infections
  • Avoid remaining wet for longtime
  • Apply antifungal powder in areas which are more likely to remain wet & thus more predisposed for infections like groin, armpits & in between toes
  • Use anti biotic soap if possible for daily use

  • 2. Use sunscreens

    Ultraviolet rays can pierce clouds as well; so use of sunscreen is must. Use a water resistant lotion as it can give better protection in case you get wet.

    3. Moisturize your skin

    Proper use of moisturizers is must during monsoons as weather can adversely affect your skin. Use an oil based moisturizer if you have a dry skin & water based ones if you have already oily skin. Also oily moisturizers will serve better if you tend to get wet often.

    4. Proper cleansing of skin

    Preferably use a mild, non-soapy cleanser that ensures deep cleansing to wash away impurities from your skin.