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Skin Care Tips For Winter

In India, winter season causes harsh effects on one's skin, making it dry, dull & lusterless. Here are some essential tips that women and men should take care of for smooth and healthy skin during this season:

Liberal use of moisturizers

  • Choose moisturizers properly as harsh ones can cause irritant reaction on already dry
  • If you have oily skin, winter will make your dryer. So even water based moisturizers are sufficient. But for dry skin, replace them with oil based ones.
  • Apply moisturizers liberally just after bath when skin is slightly wet so that it acts best. Also apply when you go to bed.

  • Avoid hot water bath

    While a hot water bath in the winters given immense pleasure to all of us, it tends to cause skin dryer by decreasing moisture levels in skin. So always use lukewarm water.


    Always use protective clothing's like, socks, shoes, scarf & thick woolen apparel which make your body worm without causing irritation or itching.


    We all have a false belief that the sun during the winter months isn't as damaging as compared to the rest of the year. However it can cause more damage on dry, irritation prone skin. Always use a oil base sunscreen lotion, at least of SPF 15.

    Proper lip care

    During winter, lips tend to get sore and chapped, hence use lip balms & moisturizers, preferably containing sunscreen is must

    Heal those cracked heels

    Soak your feet in lukewarm water at night for about 15 minutes. Apply thick layer of emollients & humectants (substances which hold & withdraw water from skin respectively) so that moisture levels in skin are maintained.

    Proper skin care routine

    Avoid use of alcohol based cleansers & skin-care products

    Avoid excessive room heating

    Room heaters tend to make skin dry & dehydrated due to lack of moisture. So avoid their excessive use & add a humidifier to counter above side effects.

    Nutritional supplements

    It is prudent to have nutritional supplements in the form of anti-oxidants like vitamin C & E so as to keep our system running.

    Observing the above skin care tips will keep your body and skin healthy during winter.