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Dandruff :

1. What is dandruff ?

Dandruff is made up of small flakes of dead scalp skin. Normally our dead skin is continuously shedding from scalp as well as other body. Dandruff occurs when the cells on the scalp are being shed more quickly than normal.

2. Is there a cure for dandruff ?

As it is an exaggerated physiological process, dandruff can only be controlled, not cured.

3. What causes dandruff ?

The cause of dandruff is not fully understood, however, fungal infection in the form of a yeast, Pityrosporum ovale is considered a major factor

External activities like :

4. How to get rid of dandruff ?

The treatment of dandruff includes regular cleansing of the scalp with an antidandruff shampoo containing antifungal medications like ketoconazole , zinc pyrithione , ciclopirox, Selenium sulphide, etc along with tar and salicylic acid shampoos help to get rid of dandruff. If problem still persists, you should visit your dermatologist.

5. What are the signs and symptoms of dandruff ?

  • Itchy scalp
  • Most people have flakes fall onto their shoulders and dresses.
  • Rarely scratching of the scalp can cause secondary inflammation and infection
  • 6. In severe cases, the scales may be visible on the face, behind the ears, on the eye lashes (blepharitis) and front and back of chest.

    7. Why does winter seem to aggravate dandruff ?

    Cold weather during winter makes your skin drier than usual, which causes worsening of dandruff and an itchy scalp.

    8. Are there any systemic medications used in dandruff ?

    Systemic antifungal medications like ketoconazole, fluconazole are used in treatment resistant moderate to severe cases of dandruff.

    9. Are there any aggravating factors for dandruff ?

  • Excessive use of hair sprays and gels
  • Excessive use of hot hair curlers or curling irons.
  • Cold weather
  • Dry indoor heating
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Infrequent shampooing of the hair
  • Inadequate rinsing of the scalp and hair
  • 10. Can dandruff cause you to go bald ?

    No, dandruff cannot cause someone to go bald. For years that was a common belief with dandruff but in reality there is no correlation with dandruff and hair loss.